Common Myths and facts about pregnancy

Pregnancy is a memorable and unique experience for all ladies. When I was pregnant I received a lot of unsolicited advice from my near and dear ones. Some of the bits of advice even worked for me; however, a lot of these were likely to freak me out. I realized that the  common pregnancy myths  and facts  are very common in pregnancy and the anxiety of a pregnant woman even increases when she gets entangled with myths in the surroundings. I can understand the concern of most pregnant women since they are worried about their baby. This is the reason that I decided to bring a constructive solution to bust these common myths about pregnancy:

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MYTH 1: The gender of the baby can be predicted by the shape of your belly

According to this myth, if you have a low, round belly then you could have a baby boy. If you have a higher belly, like watermelon shape, it’s a girl.


It is completely a myth since many women have concluded that when they carried one of the gender their found their belly to be congruent with this myth. The shape of your belly in fact comes down to your muscles. With each pregnancy, the stomach muscles of every woman stretch in a different manner. Therefore, if the muscles of a woman’s belly are high up, her abdominal muscles are likely to be strong before the pregnancy or it could be her first pregnancy.


MYTH 2: You have to eat for two during pregnancy

It is a very popular notion in most of societies that being pregnant you have to eat for two to provide complete nutrition to your baby.


During pregnancy, a pregnant woman only needs about 300 additional calories to support the baby. However, the exact quantity depends upon the level of activity of a woman, weight, height, and trimester of the pregnancy.

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MYTH 3: A pregnant woman must not take a bath frequently

Taking shower frequently may increase or decrease your body temperature that is not good for the baby.


This myth is completely rubbish. By taking a bath you may keep yourself away from germs that may harm your baby. This practice must be followed at the time of pregnancy like the same way you follow on other days. It must be noticed that you must not take very hot showers as it can increase your body temperature and may lead to issues related to the development of your baby.


MYTH 4: Miscarriage can be caused by eating papayas and pineapples

It is believed that women must avoid consuming papayas and pineapples as it may cause miscarriage or can induce labor; therefore, women must avoid these during pregnancy.


The fact behind this is that papayas contain latex that is linked with uterine contractions. The enzyme in pineapple may lead to certain uterine contractions if consumed in larger quantities. To notice the negative effects, you are required to consume larger quantities of these fruits. If consumed in moderation, these fruits have numerous health benefits for pregnant women.

MYTH 5: Avoid sex during pregnancy

It is of view that having sex during pregnancy may induce labor or can cause miscarriage.


Sex never induces labor. It is safer to have intercourse with the partner during pregnancy provided that it is done in a proper posture that does not put pressure on your tummy. Your baby is completely protected as he is inside an amniotic sac. If you have some complications like cervical insufficiency, abnormal discharge, etc.

MYTH 6: Pregnant Woman can’t board Flights

It is a common myth that pregnant women cannot take flights as it is not safe for babies and can cause miscarriage.


Flying during pregnancy is not safe for your baby because you have passed from certain radiations in the airport scanners and long duration of flights. However, there is no other reason not to fly if you are in good health. Many airlines have restrictions on pregnant women in the third trimester to avoid labour on the route.

MYTH 7:Your baby may have a fair complexion if you consume saffron

It is a common myth especially in India that drinking saffron milk can improve the complexion of your baby


The complexion of a baby is inherited genetically and cannot be influenced by consuming any food item.

MYTH 8:Smoother delivery with the consumption of ghee or butter

It is a common belief that ghee leads to contraction of the uterus and makes the cervix soft that result in a smoother delivery.


A normal delivery depends on some factors like the size of fetus and the shape of the pelvis; it has no interlinking with ghee or butter.

MYTH 9: Pregnant women must not exercise

It is believed that exercising can have harmful effects on the baby. Exercising may also lead to premature labor and miscarriage.


The fact is, exercise done in moderation and on regular basis is safe for pregnancy. Even some of the exercises also assist you to get prepared for the delivery. Due to this reason, doctors advise women to engage themselves in moderate exercises. However, overworking must be avoided. Before engaging yourself in any exercise, it is wise to consult your doctor.

MYTH 10: Pregnant women must stay away from cats

Pregnant women are asked to stay away from cats as they can deteriorate their health.


The faeces of cats contain a virus that may lead to the toxoplasmosis infection. However, you are required to stay away from cats. You may only avoid cleaning your cat’s litter to get exposed to the virus.



These are some of the myths associated with pregnancy; I hope I have cleared the most doubtful myths that may strike your mind. Babies are even stronger than we imagine.

Pregnancy is a wonderful journey and it must be covered with unforgettable memories rather than the days with anxiety.

If you have any doubt in your mind regarding pregnancy myths, share it with me, and will have a big laugh together!

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