Dog Fleas: What Do They Look Like to the Human Eye?

Human eyes are the amazing body part that can see different colors, sizes and shapes. However, there are some things that might not be visible to the human eye at first glance because of their color or tiny size. One such example is a dog flea. Dog fleas love a dog as much as you do. You may find fleas on your pet’s skin if you pay attention to it. You may want to know what do fleas look like to the human eye, how you can spot them, and what can be done to get rid of them. To know the answer to these questions, you must read this blog. Apart from this, you may know that fleas usually feed on warm-blooded animals. If you have a pet and your pet has been infected by fleas, then fleas can also bite you and leave red marks.

What Dog Flea Looks Like to the Human’s Eye?

Flea species are known as Ctenocephalides canis, otherwise called the dog flea. Fleas are dark brown to black in color and have oval bodies. These insects don’t have wings but have six legs. Their hind legs are stronger as compared to their forelegs. This body characteristic makes them able to jump up to 8 inches high. They can feel the heat, changes in shadows and vibration using a pair of their short antennae. They have sucking mouthparts, which they use in sucking blood.

How to Identify If the Pet has Fleas?

Although you can see them with the naked eye, you may not see them unless you see them closely because they have small sizes. Once you know the sign of flea infestation, you can easily determine the cause of your dog’s discomfort. Dogs are not allergic to fleas as a whole, but they are allergic to a protein that is present in the fleas’ saliva. It will cause them to suffer from an allergic reaction in the form of itchiness. Your dog may experience other symptoms:

  • Hair loss
  • Biting their skin
  • Tiredness
  • Pale gums
  • Restlessness
  • Red marks on the tail, back of legs, neck, or shoulder blades

What Flea Eggs Look Like to the Naked Eye?

The flea eggs are oval in shape and translucent white. You can see them under a microscope, but it would be difficult to see with your naked eye but you can see. Typically, their length is around 0.5 millimetres, which is about the size of grains of rice.

Do Fleas Bite Humans?

Mostly, fleas bite people on the legs, waist, and ankles, but rarely on the upper body. Unlike mosquito bites, flea bites look like small red marks with a light color in the middle where the flea mouthparts needle entered. If you are infected by a flea bite, it won’t swell like other insect bites. However, if you scratch them, they may start bleeding for a while.

What Cat Fleas Look Like to the Human Eye?

The most common species of cat flea is called Ctenocephalides felis. You can identify these fleas by their two rows of spines that run down their backs. They have short legs with several bristles. Although a high percentage of fleas can be found on dogs that belong to this species.

What are Common Flea Prevention Tips?

Your pet can get rid of fleas if you take care of your pet. You must clean your home, vacuum all furniture and floors often, and wash animal bedding weekly with hot water. If you follow these tips, then they can reduce places where fleas can live and breed. Ensure your pet is treated for fleas every month with prescribed medicines by their veterinarian.


Fleas are too small, and humans can see them only if they pay attention to them, otherwise, they can be overlooked. However, you can see them with your naked eyes. Your pet cats and dogs may not tell you that fleas bite them. However, you can identify the sign or take your pet to a veterinarian so preventive actions can be taken. Because these fleas can harm your pet if not treated on time. Moreover, for more information related to health and fitness, you can subscribe to Personal Care N Heal.

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