Giloy Juice – Why Patanjali Giloy Juice is the best choice?

Due to Giloy juice benefits, Giloy Juice has been gaining importance since ancient times. Patanjali giloy juice is one of the most selling   Ayurvedic products during COVID-19.

Due to its immunity booster properties, Patanjali giloy juice assists to fight against numerous pathogens. The root of such immortality can help your body to heal and combat COVID-19 by boosting your immunity. It is another superfood that Ayurveda has provided us to boost our immunity in the pandemic. It is commonly known in Ayurveda as “Amrita” which is the “root of immortality”. Giloy can help us to fix most of the ailments.

It can be used either in the powdered form or as making its concoction after boiling it. You may prepare its soup and consume it regularly. As it is rich in anti-oxidants, giloy juice can boost your immunity and prevent you from common infections.

Let us explore more about the root of immortality:
What are the synonyms of Giloy?
Tinospora cordifolia, Guduchi, Madhuparni, Amruta, Amritavallari, Chhinnaruha, Chakralakshanika, Somvalli, Rasayani, Devnirmita, Gulvel, Vatsadani, Jwarari, Bahuchinna, Amrita.
Patanjali Giloy Juice Benefits
Below are some benefits that explain why Patanjali giloy juice is much beneficial:

  • Immunity Booster
    Giloy is a universally adapted herb that strengthens immunity. Its powerful anti-oxidants fight against free radicals and keep your cells healthy and keep you away from diseases. It removes toxins from the body purifies blood, and fights against bacteria.
  • Treatment for chronic fever
    According to experts, Giloy helps to get rid of the condition of recurrent fevers. As giloy is anti-pyretic in nature, it can even lower the symptoms of certain life-threatening conditions such as Swine Flu, Dengue, and Malaria.
  • Improved Digestion
    Giloy Juice Patanjali is of much importance as it can also improve digestion and bowel-related issues. To treat constipation, you may add amla with some jaggery in half a gram of giloy powder.
  • Cures Diabetes
    According to the doctors of Fortis Hospital, Giloy is also a hypoglycaemic agent and can help in particularly Type 2 diabetes. Giloy juice reduces the level of high blood sugar.
  • Lowers stress and anxiety
    Do you have any idea that giloy could be used as an adaptogenic herb also? It will lower mental stress along with anxiety. It assists to get rid of toxins, calm you down, boosts your memory. Giloy juice acts as an excellent health tonic when it is combined with some other herbs.
  • Fighter against respiratory problems
    Patanjali giloy juice is popular for its anti-inflammatory benefits and lowers respiratory problems like frequent cold, cough, and tonsillitis.
  • Treatment of Arthritis
    Giloy can treat severe arthritis as it contains anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic properties. To treat joint pain, the powder of giloy stem can be boiled with milk and consumed. For the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, it can be used with ginger.
  • Lowers asthmatic symptoms
    Asthma leads to tightness in the chest and shortness of breath and it makes the condition difficult to treat. It is often recommended by experts to chew on giloy root or drink giloy juice.
  • Promotes the sexual health
    Giloy is known in Ayurveda for its aphrodisiac advantages. It has the ability to tackle sexual health issues like impotency and involuntary ejaculation.
  • Improve vision
    In different parts of India, giloy plant is applicable to the eyes since it assists to boost vision clarity. You are just required to boil giloy powder in water and let it cool down and then apply it over the eyelids.
  • Lowers the signs of aging
    The Benefits of giloy juice can be seen from its anti-aging properties that lower the dark spots, pimples, wrinkles and fine lines. It provides with glowing and flawless skin you could be your charm.

NOTE – If you are pregnant or a lactating mother, avoid the consumption of giloy juice.
Patanjali Giloy Juice Price
The Patanjali giloy juice price varies if you purchase it online or from the market. If you purchase its 500 ml bottle from the market then the price is Rs 90.00. However, if you purchase it online, it could vary.

NOTE – The price of this product relies on the company’s own interests.
So should you start consuming Patanjali giloy juice?
There are no such side effects of consumptions of Patanjali giloy juice as it is a completely natural and safe herbal remedy. But in some cases, the use of giloy may cause constipation and lowers blood sugar levels. Therefore, if you are diabetic and have been consuming giloy for a long time, don’t forget to monitor your sugar level on regular basis.
Even though giloy plants are available in India in abundance, you must not necessarily pop supplements to reap its benefits. You must consult your doctor before including it regularly.

Disclaimer – The information on this page is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Don’t use the information on this page without consulting the doctor.

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