How Is Coconut Water Useful During Pregnancy Third Trimester?


Tender coconuts are a complete miraculous package from mother nature as they have rapidly staked a claim as wellness beverage royalty. This is the perfect drink to sip on an exhausting day with instant hydrating and yummy taste.

However, you could be unsure, Is it safe to be consumed during pregnancy or not?

You could have seen several coconut water benefits related to pregnancy such as speeding up labor and getting rid of morning sickness- but, Are these claims for real?

Let’s find more about this!

Benefits of Coconut Water During Pregnancy

Coconut water is a cool, healthy and fat free drink that assists you to keep your body hydrated by replenishing the natural salts that we may lose at the time of perspiration. It is good during pregnancy for mother and health of a child as well due to below mentioned reasons:

  • Electrolytes and Fluids

    Coconut water consists of moderate amount of protein, sugar, and sodium that maintains the regular levels of fluids and electrolytes needed by the body.

  • Protection against Infections

    As per the evidences, coconut water consumed during pregnancy aids to strengthen the immunity system, enhances the functioning of kidney, prevents urinary tract infections and lowers the high blood pressure.

  • Low Calories

    Coconut water is also low in calories and consists of the dietary fibres, omega fatty acids that are recommended for pregnant women and assist them to keep the weight check

  • Weight Loss

    As it does not contain any cholesterol value, coconut water is known to promote weight loss. It is also responsible to enhance  good cholesterols in the body by eliminating the bad cholesterols and prevents accumulation of excessive fat cells and keep the body hydrated all the time.
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  • Improvement in Digestion

    Coconut water also improvises the process of digestion; it strengthens the digestive system, maintains the ph. level of the body, and prevents constipation. Consequently, it is responsible for improving metabolism and detoxifying the body. Since it is a natural acid neutralizer, it prevents heartburn during pregnancy.

  • Boost your immune system

    Coconut water is enriched with essential vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals to assist you to boost the immune system and protects the mother and a child from getting caught by diseases. The lauric acid present in coconut water can enhance the production of disease-fighting agent called “monolaurin”   that prevents the illnesses such as flu and HIV.

  • Exercise drink

    Coconut water is also highly recommended as a beneficial exercise drink for the mothers who are expecting and are advised to stay fit and healthy to perform lighter workouts.

  • Fight against morning sickness

    During the first trimester of pregnancy, as mothers have to bear morning fatigue, consuming coconut acts as wonders for them.

In spite of the above-mentioned benefits of coconut water, some pregnant women could still be having many questions related about coconut water during pregnancy consumption.

 Are there any drawbacks of drinking Coconut water during pregnancy?

Basically, coconut water is not harmful at all for pregnant women. But, it must be consumed in a moderate dose since coconut water may lower blood pressure. If you have any issues related to blood-pressure, you must contact your doctor before trying it.

How much quantity of coconut water a pregnant woman must consume?

When it comes to taking a healthy diet, moderation is always the key. You may drink 1-2 glasses of coconut water regularly. Try to consume fresh coconut water rather than the packaged ones. Just pour it into a clean glass or enjoy it using a straw. If you react to it or you dislike its taste, don’t consume it.

How can I choose the right coconut during pregnancy?

When you consume the coconut water, you must also understand how to select them wisely. Fresh coconut water doesn’t contain meat, fleshy, or tender substance. The taste of ripe or stale coconut will be sour.

Always pick a medium- sized and green colored coconut since they consist of large amounts of water. The coconuts that have hard brown shells and have grey patches on it, they are an indication of the mature nuts, don’t choose them. Shake the coconut completely and listen to check whether it has water or not. Keep the coconuts in a cool area if you intend to store them.

  • Is preserved coconut milk good for a pregnant woman?

Canned coconut milk is safer during pregnancy, but you must ensure that the can is not rusted, corroded, or expired. Coconut milk is loaded with saturated fats which is 3gm per tablespoon. Taking excessive saturated fats could enhance the good and bad cholesterol levels in the body. In case you consume canned milk, be aware of its consumption level as it must not exceed your regular requirement.

  • When to drink coconut water during pregnancy?

There is no specific time to have coconut water and you may consume it at any time either during the day or night; however, taking it at specific times help a lot. You may have it early in the morning on an empty stomach.

All the best for your pregnancy!

I hope that you have gathered all information on coconut water during pregnancy.

 After reading above information, coconut water will sound like a miracle to you! When I was pregnant, I heard about the morning sickness benefits of coconut water but had no idea that how good it will be for me. When you are pregnant, along with all these benefits, just consult your doctor before jumping into a high coconut water diet.

All the best for your journey towards motherhood!

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