How Many Calories in Egg Boiled With Yolk and Without Yolk?

Eggs are known to be a rich source of minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients. Consumption of eggs is a healthy food choice. Calories in boiled egg are not too high and is a healthy food as long as you don’t add lots of fat when you cook them. Boiled eggs are considered a healthy food as they don’t need any fat or direct heat when you cook them.

How Many Calories in a Boiled Egg?

Eggs are rich in nutrients and protein. They can be added to various dishes and can be cooked in different ways. One way to enjoy eating eggs is to boil them. Hard-boiled eggs can be used as salad toppings and you can eat them by sprinkling salt and pepper on them. Generally, in one large (50 g) boiled egg, there are 77 calories. On the other hand, the calories of 2 boiled eggs are 156. Take a look at other nutritional facts of one large hard-boiled egg (50 g):

  • Carbs: 0.6 grams

  • Saturated fat: 1.6 grams

  • Total fat: 5.3 grams

  • Cholesterol: 212 mg

  • Monounsaturated fat: 2.0 grams

  • Protein: 6.3 grams

  • Vitamin A: 6% of the RDA

  • Vitamin B2 (riboflavin): 15% of the RDA

  • Vitamin B5: 7% of the Recommended Dietary Allowance

  • Vitamin B12: 9% of the RDA

  • Selenium: 15.4 mcg

How Many Calories in Egg White Hard Boiled?

The thick, hazy, clear liquid that encircles the yolk is called egg white. Depending on the egg’s size, the albumen, or white, makes up roughly two-thirds of the liquid weight of the egg and includes more than half of the protein.

Now, the question arises how many calories in boiled egg without yolk? A 60-gram egg white has roughly 17 calories in it.

While the egg white is a fantastic source of protein and has no fat, the yolk carries the majority of the nutritional content and almost all of the protein. For the greatest nutritional benefit, dietitians advise eating entire eggs, and current research indicates that doing so boosts muscle growth after exercise more so than doing so with egg whites.

How Many Calories in Cooked Egg?

In 1 small cooked egg, there are 62 calories. On the other hand, in one large cooked egg, there are 84 calories. Calorie varies according to the serving size of the egg.

Raw Egg Vs Boiled Egg Calories

The calories of a boiled egg of 1 large (50 g) are 77 whereas calories in a raw egg serving size of 1 large (50 g) have 72 calories.

Boiled Egg Sandwich Recipe

  • Boil the egg for 10 to 12 minutes in salt water.

  • It should be peeled properly and diced.

  • Onion, green chilli, tomato and coriander leaves should all be chopped finely.

  • The boiling egg is diced and placed in a mixing dish with onion, tomato, coriander, green chilli, salt, and pepper.

  • After thoroughly combining everything, set it aside.

  • Sandwich a slice of bread with the ingredients on one side and the other. Do the same with the leftover bread slices.

  • Add a little oil to a pan to heat it. Place the sandwich and toast and brown the other sides till golden. Cut it into four pieces.

  • No, you can serve it with green chutney.

How Many Eggs Per Day is Safe?

If you come under the category of healthy adults, it would be safe to eat 1-2 eggs per day based on how much other cholesterol your diet has. If you are experiencing high cholesterol problems or other heart problems, it would be safe to eat no more than 4-5 eggs per week.

Health Benefits of Eggs

  • Most people agree that eggs are packed with high-quality protein. Proteins are essential for the health and repair of muscle and tissue. One egg contains roughly 6.3 grams of protein.

  • Eggs have been proven to have little to no impact on heart disease risk since they help in improving high-density lipoprotein (HDL) levels, sometimes called “good” cholesterol.

  • Egg yolks have vitamin D. If you are suffering from vitamin D deficiency, then you can start eating eggs.

Disadvantages of Eating Eggs in Excess

It is linked to the development of various chronic diseases, such as:

  • Cholesterol, produced by the liver, is a crucial compound for the body, aiding in the production of essential vitamins and hormones. The body can generate sufficient cholesterol internally.

  • Diabetes, a severe and chronic illness, leads to life-altering consequences and contributes to over 4.2 million deaths annually, accounting for 11% of global mortality in people aged 20 to 79.

  • Numerous studies indicate a favorable correlation between the intake of eggs and the risk of cancer-related deaths, including breast cancer and ovarian cancer.


Now, you have an idea of what benefits you can get by eating eggs. However, make sure to eat within the limit after considering your cholesterol levels. For more updates on health and fitness, you can subscribe to Personal Care N Heal.

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