Castor Oil Good for Lashes Before and After

Is Castor Oil Good for Lashes Before and After?

Have you ever dream of heavy lash and finding the ways to grow eyelashes naturally. Even though we believe every person is beautiful in his/her own natural way but if we have heavy lash it make us even more attractive.

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Castor Oil For Eyelashes

You must be very familiar with the benefits of castor oil and people basically use castor oil for hair growth. Castor oil is not new DIY hair growth solution but what if I tell you Castor oil is also good for eyebrows, eyelash and eye wrinkle.Castor oil make eye lashes softer, keep them hydrated and make lash lift and tint.

Did you know? World Longest Eyelashes title held by “You Jianxia –longest Eyelashes” in 2016 (World Guniess Record)

Lash Extension /Fake Eyelashes: You might be finding ways or tried temporary solution for lash lift and tint use lash lift kit, lash serum, or last extension, you may have discovered an extremely painful experience for heavy lash and also not so pocket friendly method.

Lash extensions and lifts require more precaution, maintenance & chemicals which is used are rarely safe for environment as well as for humans. As lash extension use toxic chemical or glue.

But We have great news for you!!!

Nature provide us unlimited beauty products. Castor Oil is one of the nature’s gifts.

How can I lift my eyelashes naturally? There are many natural ways to lift your lash by using natural products but some products like vitamin E capsule, coconut oil and olive oil&castor oil but from all above castor oil grab top position to grow your lash naturally.

Castor Oil for Eyelashes Side Effects

No it doesn’t have any side side effect  because it contains natural properties. Yes, it is very safe .In general sense, Castor Oil is much safer to use and have no side effect.

TIP: Some people are allergic to some products.So,before applying check whether you are allergic to castor oil or not; Do patch test on arm, or around neck below your ear and wait around an hour or two. But take precautions while use on your lash if accidentally castor oil put on your eyes, immediately rinse with water.


If you are looking for an overnight solution for heavy lash or lash lift, or looking for product; grow naturally eyelashes in just 7 days then sorry! “Castor oil is not the right product for overnight solution”. It required time and care.
Incase you have question does Castor oil work for eyelash heavy and in lift? Or if you accepted Castor oil is not help to grow your lash then its ok!

According to our research, it won’t hurt or even it prevents lash breakage, as it naturally lifts in eyelashes. or you are looking for home remedy for heavy lashes. Try at least once to keep them healthy –but only on one condition if you ‘ll be more cautious not to get it in your lovely eyes. Moreover, get your hopes up for good lash growth result.

How to use Castor Oil for eyelashes

Usage is quite simple as you won’t need much things!

1. Need precautions
2. Cotton Ball or cotton swab
3. Castor Oil

Before apply wash for face and clean your lash with cotton towel and swipe small amount of oil on swabs along your eyelash line (Again, Be very cautions)

How long does castor oil take for eyelashes?

For better result, try this method in night and in morning wash with luke warm water. For better and long term result use for 3-6 months and then you will notice a significant difference.

Is castor oil good for eyelashes:   Answer is Big yes but you need proper care and apply castor oil in daily basis !!Even above share images justified this.

Castor Oil for Eyelashes and Eyebrows

Castor Oil is pocket and environment friendly product as it is refines from castor plant seeds. It has many natural properties and used in several ways like hairs, Lash, eyebrows or even in face to reduce wrinkles.
Some girls demands for heavy eye brows but in short time span it is not possible ,in alternative  they start using temporarily solutions but castor oil also beneficial for  heavy eye brow for longer run.

  • Best castor oil for eyelashes: There are many brands for castor oil but purchase any castor oil, do research about its ingredients as some oil which are available in market contains toxic substances.
  • Organic castor oil for eyelashes: If you want good quality product then prefer 100% organic products. As organic products has different categories some are semi organic, rest are 100% organic.
  • Always prefer cold press oil as cold press oil preserves its aroma, natural ingredients and natural oxidants which is beneficial for our lash or health.

In final say: Castor oil is not only good for eyelash lift and tint but it is significant properties for heavy eyebrows, reduce wrinkles and prevent lash breakage. Even some people suggested and use Castor oil as home remedy of Monkey pox.

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