Reasons behind Eating Burro Bananas

When it comes to bananas, then at that time, burro bananas are always considered the best choice for many people. Burro bananas are gaining popularity, and they are the most exported fruit on the earth, according to United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization.

What is Burro Banana?

Mostly burro bananas are marketed under the name high banana as it is stubbier, and it is of a square shape as compared to other bananas.

In the starting stage, its flesh is tart and tangy with notes of lime and apple. When it grows, the yellow flesh of the burro banana becomes soft with a little bit of crisp textured center. The flavor of ripe burro banana is creamy sweet with a lemon tinge. Its peel is a vivid and dark green that turns yellow with a few dark spots when ripe. With the popularity of burro bananas, many people avoid peanuts as they are high in carbs and sugar as compared to other fruits.

But still, some people forget that carbs are important to fuel the human body. Burro bananas contain fiber rich properties that help to make you full.

Burro Bananas: Healthier or Not

When it comes to nutritional value, burro bananas contain hardly any fat and low calories. They are enriched with vitamin B, vitamin C, potassium, magnesium and fiber. Despite this, they are also rich in iron, calcium, phosphorous, copper, zinc, and selenium.

Different Types of Banana

  • Pisang Raja
  • Cavendish Banana
  • Plantain
  • Burro Banana
  • Red Banana
  • Lady Finger Banana
  • Blue Java Banana
  • Manzano Banana

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Surprising Health Benefits of Burro Banana

The following are some surprising advantages of eating burro banana:

  • Helps in treating anemia

Burro bananas are rich in iron and help in curing anemia because iron is a vital aspect of red blood cells that is why anemia occurs. Low blood cell count is due to the deficiency of iron.

  • Fight against kidney disease

It help in minimizing the risks associated with kidney problems. The potassium in fruits helps in minimizing the strain on kidneys and also helps in encouraging urination. Additionally, it helps to keep toxins from storing in the kidneys.

  • Alleviate constipation

Burro bananas are packed with dietary fiber, and they help to smooth bowel movements. Burro bananas help to push out stubborn stools and reduce constipation problem, and it inhibits acid discharge. Their organic chemicals help in encouraging the cell’s activity to develop protective barrier to fight against acids.

  • Improve eye health

It contain antioxidant chemicals and some essential minerals that help to improve eye health. Studies have shown that with the intake of burro bananas, cataracts, night blindness, macular degeneration, and glaucoma can be decreased.

  • Prevent the menstrual problem

According to sources, burro bananas can help to provide you relief from excessive bleeding and pain during the menstrual cycle.

  • Boost bone health

They are a great source for improving bone health, this is because they can increase calcium absorption. Calcium helps in developing the bone matter in your body.

  • Cardiovascular protection

As you know, burro bananas are rich in potassium, so they can alleviate blood pressure, by soothing the stress of arteries and veins. It also helps to oxygenate the other organs of the body. This also helps to reduce the stress on the cardiovascular system.

  • Treat gout and arthritis

They are rich in anti-inflammatory properties that help lessen swelling, irritation, and inflammation from various conditions like gout and arthritis.

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Regular Bananas vs. Burro Bananas

The shape of the burro banana is square as compared to a regular banana. When it is ripe, the outer side of the banana gets yellow with black spots, and its flesh becomes creamy white. Its flavor is tangy and lemon-banana and is basically soft.

Regular bananas are sweeter because of high sugar concentrations. In the end, when its peel becomes brown, the banana has reminiscent notes of honey, vanilla, and rum.

How Burro Banana Tastes?

With the growth of the fruit, it turns from dark green to bright yellow. In addition to this, it also starts developing black spots when fully ripe. The flesh of the burro banana is soft and creamy on the outside, having a drier texture in the center. A little bit of flavor of lemon, with a mild and sweet taste.

Can You Refrigerate Burro Banana?

It is not recommended to freeze burro bananas, but you can freeze them for a few days once they are ripe. When they are ripe, the skin of the burro banana turns yellow with black spots. The ripeness of the banana can be determined if they contain brown or black spots.

Whether to Eat Burro Banana or Not!

As we’ve discussed earlier, the key benefits of burro bananas mean they are good to eat. So, you can consider eating bananas as you can eat them fresh or you can cook them as well. You can view all the benefits of burro bananas and decide whether you want to eat them or not.

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