Burro Banana Vs Regular Banana: Which One is the Best?


You may have eaten different types of bananas in your life, but have you tried burro bananas? Or, have you heard about burro bananas? If not, you must read this blog to get detailed information about this type of banana. You may also get confused about how to identify them and what they look like, etc. To answer all your questions, we are here. Keep reading this blog to know amazing facts about it.

What are Burro Bananas?

Burro bananas are also called bluggoe, saba, horse, Orinoco, largo, and hog bananas. This is the reason why they are gaining popularity day by day and are considered more beneficial. They look similar to regular bananas except that they are square-shaped and shorter. However, if you are searching for burro banana vs regular banana to know the difference, then it can be said that burro bananas are different in terms of taste, nutritional content, and flavour.

The word burro is a Spanish word, which means ‘donkey’ and they are given this name because of their small size. Burro bananas have black, small or tiny edible seeds in the centre of the fruit. The green unripe burro bananas are like potatoes which means they are starchy. On the other hand, yellow ripened ones have a creamy and soft texture.

Where are Burro Bananas from?

The burro bananas from Mexico are available year-round, and they have a tangy lemon flavour. You can use them in different recipes by adding more flavours.

What are Burro Banana Benefits?

In the following section, you will come to know different health benefits of burro banana:

  • Helpful in Treating Anemia

Burro bananas are rich in iron and therefore helpful in treating anemia. This is because iron is a vital part of red blood cells and anemia occurs because of a lack of iron.

  • Good for Weight Loss

People with overweight experience several health problems, and burro banana is one of the best fruits they must try to reduce weight. It is low in calories, rich in dietary fibre and zero in fat. Thus, if you want to reduce weight, you should definitely include it in your diet.

  • Control Blood Sugar Levels

Another amazing health benefit of burro banana is that it can control blood sugar levels. Green unripe burro banana has resistant starch, and when it is fermented in the large intestine, it acts like a fibre. The resistant starch is best for reducing blood sugar and increasing insulin sensitivity.

  • Prevent Kidney Stones

Excess storage of calcium in the kidneys can cause kidney stones. According to research, it has been said that potassium can reduce the calcium levels in the urine and prevent kidney stones. In addition to this, the presence of potassium in burro bananas can help reduce the strain on the kidneys and encourage urination.

Burro Banana Vs Regular Banana

  Burro Banana Regular Banana
Size Shorter and stubbier Longer in appearance
Shape Shorter and square-shaped Elongated with tapering tips
Special feature Prominent ridges at the edges No prominent edges
Length Average length of 6 inches Average length of 8 inches or above
Color Dark green when they are immature, deep yellow with black dots when ripe Bright yellow when they are young and bright yellow without ripe dots
Flesh When young, they have white flesh and when ripe, they have creamy white to yellow flesh When young, they have white flesh and creamy white flesh when ripe
Flavour Tart and robust flavour It has a slightly bland taste when young, and when they ripe, they have a sweet buttery flavour


Burro Banana Nutrition vs Regular Banana Nutrition

Now, the question arises, does the burro banana offer high nutritional value as compared to the regular banana? Ripe burro banana can be a great replacement for potatoes because of its low starch content.

Nutrition facts (serving size of 1 medium ripe) 126g Burro Banana Regular Banana
Calories 110g 121g
Total fat 0g 0.45g
Carbohydrates 29g 31.06g
Fibre 4g 2.6g
Protein 1g 1.48g


Can You Eat Burro Banana Raw?

Many times people ask if it is safe to eat burro banana raw. Well, it is completely safe as you can eat it raw and whole when ripe. They can be made into smoothies and fries or used in pies, puddings, and desserts. When green and unripe, then ensure to eat them after cooking.


Burro banana benefits prove that they are safe to eat and even you can cook them as well. Burro as well as regular bananas have their own importance and benefits. Thus, you can eat as per your taste. However, when you buy burro bananas, and then make sure to buy them from a reliable dealer. Moreover, you can get this type of amazing blog by subscribing to Personal Care N Heal.

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