Same Blood Group of Husband and Wife: Good or Bad?

Are there any complications if “same blood group of husband and wife b+, a+, or o+?
Most of the time, it is essential to take a blood group test for husband and wife to avoid any further complications. With a blood group test, you can check blood group compatibility. If there is any predicted complication, then your doctor can recommend any precautions.

Generally, there is no problem with blood type to maintain a healthy married life. But, maybe there will be some concern associated if there is same blood group of husband and wife and you are planning for a child.

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Before diving into detail, let’s discuss different types of blood group:
Types of Blood Group
There are major 4 types of blood group:

  • O
  • A
  • B
  • AB

Blood groups differ on the absence or presence of antigens that can trigger an immune response. Additionally, a protein that is known as the Rh factor might be present (+) or absent (-) in the blood group. It divides blood group into 8 common types:

  • O+
  • O-
  • A+
  • A-
  • B+
  • B-
  • AB+
  • AB-

Well, let’s discuss in detail what happens if husband and wife have the same blood group.
What happens if…..

Same Blood Group of Husband and Wife
If both of you have the same blood group, then there will be harm. For example, if a man is A+ and a woman is A+, which means both of them to have Rh+, and it is the perfect match for marriage.

If husband and wife have the same blood group, then there are high chances that their child will also have the same blood group. In a nutshell, there is no harm associated with getting married to a person who has the same blood group as you. Indeed, they are safe to have a child.

Same Blood Group of Husband and Wife B+
If you and your partner are having the same blood group that is B+, then there will be no problem in conceiving a baby. But, yes there are higher chances that their baby will be of the same blood type if both husband and wife are of the same blood group.

Same Blood Group of Husband and Wife O+
If same blood group of husband and wife O+, then there is no harm to your pregnancy. Don’t worry, you can go for conceiving a baby. As mentioned above same blood group will not cause any problem to your baby.

But, if the female is of O- and the male is O+, then there might be a risk for the fetus with hemolytic disease of the newborn.

Different Blood Group
If both of you have different blood groups, then your child can inherit either father’s blood group or the mother’s blood group. But, there are higher chances that a child can inherit father’s blood group.

Combination of Husband & Wife Blood Group
The following is the chart that shows the combination of husband and wife blood group and possible blood group of a newborn child:

Blood Type Mother’s blood group  

Child’s Blood Group Must Be



Father’s blood group



How to Predict the Health of a Child with Blood Group?
Well, with the help of positive (+) or negative (-) blood type, you can predict a child’s health. But, the rest is depending upon the mother’s diet. It is just additional information that you must know.

  • Positive (+) Positive (+) healthy child
  • Negative (-) Positive (+) healthy child
  • Negative (-) Negative (-) healthy child
  • Positive (+) Negative (-) First child will be healthy, but the problem may arise with the second child

As we have discussed above, there is no problem with the same blood group of husband and wife. However, the problem occurs when a male is positive and a female is negative, then the gene is produced in the ‘Matar jin’ or ‘Lathan jin’ Naka, which will stop the creation of egg or kills the zygote. This might be the reason for a dead born baby. Or even worse when a child may be born blind when a mother of a negative group conceives positive embryos. But, with the first child, there will be no problem. However, during the delivery, by breaking the placenta, the positive embryo will enter the body of a mother. Within a few months of delivery, the blood will enter the body of a mother, also produces RH antibodies in the body of a woman.

If the embryo’s blood group is positive again, and she is carrying her second child, then the antibody that was produced in her body will enter the child’s body by breaking the placenta. And when the embryo enters, the cells of the RBC of the embryo will be broken. This condition is known as RH incapitalibilit. Many problems can be avoided if there is no operation. If your husband’s blood group is positive, then make sure to examine the baby’s blood group after birth. If negative like mother, then there is no harm. And if positive, then anti-de-injection must be taken within 72 hours of delivery.

What is RH Incompatibility?
If a mother with the absence of Rh factor and the baby with Rh+, then it might be a concern. Baby’s Rh+ when crosses mother’s Rh- bloodstream, then it might be able to trigger an immune response. The body of a mother might create antibodies to attack the Rh+ blood cells of a baby.

After the screening of Rh factor is done and you are Rh-, then later your doctor will examine you again to see whether your body has formed antibodies or not. If the doctor identifies it, then it will be Rh incompatibility.

Wrapping Up
Rh incompatibility can be easily identified and monitored, and there are some treatment options for this. Now, you have an idea what happens if same blood group of husband and wife, if mother’s Rh-, and if both have different blood groups.

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