What are the Most Rarest Blood Types in Humans?

Do you know what blood type you have got? If you don’t, then you must know. In case, you need a blood transfusion, your blood group will always be checked. This is because if you are given the wrong or incompatible blood type, the immune system of your body will attack the donor blood by making antibodies to kill the unrecognized “foreign invaders”. Do you know what is the rarest blood type in humans and the common blood group? Learn more about blood types from this blog.

What is the Rarest Blood Type in the World?

Rhnull is considered the rarest blood type in the world. Fewer than 50 people in the world may have this blood type. Another name of this blood type is “Golden Blood”.

Which Blood Type is the Rarest in Humans?

Blood group AB- is the rarest blood type in humans. However, it is hard to say which are the rare blood groups in humans because they are associated with genetics. It means the frequency of certain blood types changes across different parts of the world. However, in the US, AB- is the rare blood group.

Which Blood Type Has the Most Health Problems?

  • Cancers

According to research, people with blood group A are at a higher risk of getting stomach cancers. Bacterial infections caused by helicobacter pylori are common in people with blood group A and these infections can cause inflammations, ulcers, and sometimes result in cancer.

  • Heart problems

As per the American Heart Association, A, B, and AB blood groups are at higher risk of heart attack because of coronary artery disease as compared to blood type O.

  • Stroke

According to a recent study, people with blood type A were at high risk of having a stroke before the age of 60. However, more evidence is required to prove this.

  • Mosquitoes and malaria

In lab experiments, mosquitoes prefer feeding on people with blood type O, although other genetic factors also play an important role. Luckily, if you have blood type O, then it can protect you from the most adverse effects of malaria.

How Rare is Golden Blood?

Rhnull is the rarest blood type in the world and fewer than 50 people have this blood type in the world. That’s why it is known as “Golden Blood”.

List of Blood Types by Rarity

  • Rh-null or golden blood

Which blood type is very rare in the world? Rhnull is the world’s rarest blood group. People with this blood group lack all 61 antigens. It can be donated to those who have blood types different from the main eight.

  • AB-

AB- is another rarest blood type in humans. 1% of the world’s population may have this blood type. It can receive blood from all other Rh types and can donate to those who have AB blood, both Rh-positive and negative.

  • HH blood type, Bombay blood group, or rare ABO group

This is an extremely rarest human blood type. Nearly 4 per million of the world’s population may have it. In India, around 179 people have the Bombay blood group. A person who has a Bombay blood group can donate blood to those who have the ABO blood group. They can take blood from their blood group, which is the HH blood group.

How to Determine Blood Type Personality?

As per the blood type personality theory, each blood type is associated with different personality features. Here is a brief overview of these features:

  • Type A

People who have blood type A are responsible, diligent, and organized. They are believed to be conservative and more loyal. They are thought to be sensitive to others’ requirements and good team players.

  • Type B

People with blood type B are passionate and creative. They may have a strong sense of curiosity. They are unpredictable.

  • Type AB

Those with blood type AB are likely to be a mix of both type A and type B. They are considered open-minded, adaptable, and social. They are believed to be good at communication.

  • Type O

Individuals with blood type O are often outgoing, confident, and independent. They are thought to be goal-oriented and natural leaders. They can also be insensitive.


Now, you know which is the rarest blood type in humans and which is the common blood type. You can also get tested to know your blood group if you don’t know. Moreover, get such information from our blogs by subscribing to Personal Care N Heal.

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