10 Blood Pressure Lowering Foods You Must Add to Your Diet

If you have high blood pressure, you might be wondering whether the foods you consume could be contributing to your condition. Yes, it is the answer. Diet and other lifestyle choices, such as exercise, can significantly lower blood pressure. You can opt for blood pressure reducing fruits. In fact, some senior citizens can lower their blood pressure by just modifying their diet. Their requirement for blood pressure medication may thereafter be decreased or perhaps eliminated as a result of this.

What is Low Blood Pressure and What are Blood Pressure Low Symptoms?

When blood pressure is significantly lower than normal, low blood pressure results. This indicates that the body’s heart, brain, and other organs are not receiving enough blood. Typically, blood pressure normal ranges from 90/60 mmHg to 120/80 mmHg. The symptoms are written below:

  • Confusion

  • Blurry vision

  • Vomiting or nausea

  • Sleepiness

  • Weakness

  • Dizziness

10 Food for Lowering High Blood Pressure

If you follow a heart-healthy diet, then it can result in controlled blood pressure. It is recommended to eat nutrient-rich foods. High blood pressure is the main reason for heart-related problems. High blood pressure control foods in Hindi are written below:

  1. Fat-Free Yogurt (वसा रहित दही)

Low-fat dairy products are rich in calcium which can help fight against high blood pressure. Protein, minerals, vitamins, and potassium from yogurt are great complements to your blood pressure low diet. To fulfil 30% of the suggested amount of calcium, you need a 12-ounce serving of fat-free or low-fat yogurt.

  1. Eat Bananas (केले)

Bananas are a good source of potassium. One average size of banana consumption can fulfil 9% of the recommended daily intake. For controlling blood pressure, you need to consume potassium-rich food. Bananas are also good sources of fibre and add natural sweetness to smoothies, frozen treats, and baked goods. Bananas come under high blood pressure reduction foods.

  1. Berries (ब्लू बैरीज़)

Berries, especially blueberries are rich in nitric oxide, as a result, they help in controlling blood pressure. You can add blueberries to your morning oatmeal diet, salads for lunch, and make berries dessert after dinner.

  1. Leafy Greens (पत्तेदार सब्जी)

Leafy greens are blood pressure reducing food items that include spinach, kale, swiss chard, collard greens, romaine lettuce, and beet greens are good sources of magnesium and potassium. These work together to help you stimulate blood pressure.

  1. Beets (चुकंदर)

Beets are high in nitric oxide. According to research drinking beetroot blood pressure reducing juice can reduce your systolic blood pressure by 4-5 mmHg. You should add beetroot juice to your diet plan.

  1. Sweet Potatoes (मीठे आलू)

Sweet potato is a blood pressure low food, rich in magnesium and potassium. They are also high in fibre, which is good for the heart. You can bake sweet potatoes with your favourite protein.

  1. Oatmeal (जई का दलिया)

The risk of cardiovascular disease can be reduced with high-fibre whole grains, especially oatmeal. According to studies, three servings of whole grains per day can reduce the risk of heart disease by 15%.

  1. Salmon (सालमन)

Fatty fish like salmon are high in omega-3 fatty acids that minimize inflammation and can reduce blood pressure. When it comes to food for lowering bp, you can eat salmon as it is a good source of vitamin D that helps regulate blood pressure and protect against depression.

  1. Avocado (एवोकाडो)

Creamy avocado is a great source of potassium, calcium, and magnesium. 975 milligrams of potassium is available in one avocado, which is nearly 25% of your daily intake.

  1. Broccoli (ब्रॉकली)

Broccoli is rich in vitamin C, magnesium, calcium, and potassium which help in lowering blood pressure. According to studies, diets rich in cruciferous vegetables can reduce the risk of heart problems.

You can include all of the above-mentioned food items in your blood pressure lowering diet plan. You need to divide food items according to breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

What to Do If Blood Pressure Low in Pregnancy?

In most cases, a particular treatment regime is not followed to treat low blood pressure in pregnancy because bp returns to normal after the 3rd trimester. In some cases, based on the gestation period, few medications are suggested to treat low blood pressure. There are some home remedies to use to avoid occurrences of low blood pressure at this time. They are:

  • Focus on a diet plan

  • Exercise

  • Proper rest

  • Liquids


Many people experience low pressure due to several reasons. Therefore, we have gathered a list of food to give you a blood pressure low solution. To get information on health and fitness, subscribe to Personal Care N Heal.

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