What are the Benefits of Shungite Water and How to Make It?

Today we are going to explore the benefits of shungite water. Get ready to uncover its benefits, water purification abilities and its connection with crystal elixiris. Before we move further, you should have an idea of what shungite is. Continue reading this blog to learn some interesting facts about shungite. Let’s get started:

What is Shungite Stone?

Shungite is a natural creation that is not only good for cleaning the environment, but it is also useful for cleaning and healing our bodies. It is reusable, natural, and environmentally friendly. Shungite can be applied topically and consumed orally in the form of shungite water. Additionally, it can be worn as jewellery. Shungite is a rare natural material found more than 2 billion years ago.

What is Shungite Water?

Shungite water is a broad term used to describe water infused with shungite stones, including water that has been purified with a special shungite water purifier. Shungite filtered water is safe to drink without chemical or boiling treatment. Various municipalities in Karelia make use of shungite water purification to treat their tap water. Shungite removes impurities and cleans water. It removes contaminants from water. When you put it in water, fullerenes attract and remove waterborne contaminants. Shungite water purifier cleans water by eliminating:

  • Phenol

  • Iron

  • Manganese

  • Chlorine

  • Nitrates

  • Nitrites

  • Bacteria

  • Microorganisms

Types of Shungite Stones

  • Type I (Noble or Elite Shungite)

This is the rarest and highest quality of shungite. It has 90% to 98% carbon content. Elite shungite has a shiny and silver-grey color surface. It has fullerenes which are unique carbon-based molecules. Because of its high carbon content, elite shungite has powerful characteristics among different types of shungite.

  • Type II (Regular Shungite)

Regular shungite is also called grey shungite or common shungite. Its carbon content is less as compared to elite shungite. It has 50% to 70% carbon content. Regular shungite is characterized by its matte and black color surface.

  • Type III (Black Shngite)

Type III shungite is also called black shungite. It has the lowest carbon content among the three types of shungite. It has around 30% to 50% carbon content. It looks the same as regular shungite with a matte and black surface.

Benefits of Shungite Water

  • Reduces Stress

One of the primary features of shungite water is its stress-reduction properties. The minerals found in shungite have been proven stress-reducing properties. Drinking shungite water can make you feel calm and relaxed.

  • Boosts Energy Levels

Shungite water is helpful in boosting energy levels. Because of its high carbon content, it is a natural purifier, promotes vitality and boosts overall physical and mental energy.

  • Balances Emotional Well-Being

Apart from stress reduction and energy booster, shungite water is useful for improving emotional well-being. It can balance mood swings, improve emotional well-being and offer relief from negative thoughts or emotions.

How to Make Shungite Water?

  • Choose the type of shungite stone. You can buy the best quality shungite stone, like noble or elite shungite that has a high carbon content. The size of shungite may vary.

  • After choosing the type of shungite stone, cleanse them properly to remove any energetic gunk.

  • After cleansing, put shungite raw stones in a water jug or container filled with water. Let the stones infuse their energy in the water for a few hours.

Some people experience numerous benefits of shungite water while some enjoy good vibes coming from shungite water. You may find some different qualities.

How Much Should You Drink Shungite Water?

The daily intake of shungite water depends on an individual’s weight, age, and overall health condition. Generally, it is advisable to start with a cautious approach and then increase shungite water consumption. A reasonable daily intake of shungite water for adults ranges between 1 to 2 litres.


Now that you know the importance of drinking shungite water. If you want to embrace the benefits of shungite stone water, then make sure to buy high-quality shungite stones. You can buy online too. Moreover, keep getting such updates on health by subscribing to Personal Care N Heal.

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