Names of Ash Gourd, Giloy, and Salmon Fish in Tamil

The human body needs various nutrients to stay healthy, that’s why we come with some foods rich in nutrients. In today’s blog, we will discuss the names of ash gourd in Hindisalmon fish in Tamilsalmon fish in Malayalam, and salmon fish in Telugu.

To maintain overall health, you should eat healthy foods, but at the same time, you also have to take care of possible side effects of what you eat so you can eat foods in moderate amounts. Let’s discuss the foods mentioned above one by one:

Salmon Fish in Tamil with Health Benefits

Salmon fish is delicious and popular in India, and because of its health benefits, it is highly demanded among those who love fish. Salmon fish is packed with proteins, fatty acids, vitamin B, and other nutrients. Salmon is native to North America and found in the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans. In that region, other 6 different species are found: Chum, Pink, Chinook, Atlantic, Coho, and Sockeye.

Salmon fish in Tamil is known as சால்மன் மீன் (kaala Meen). People call salmon by different names in Tamil, such as:

  • Kaala
  • Peruvanjaram
  • Pozhakada
  • Indian Threadfin
  • Thiravalai
  • Seenakaala

You can have the same class of salmon in India, which is known as Indian salmon fish. Despite this, salmon fish in Telugu is known as budatha maga (బుదతా మాగ), Maga (మాగా). People call salmon fish with different names in Telugu language. Telugu people call salmon fish by different names, such as:

  • Sanduva
  • Pandugappa
  • Budatha maga
  • Mega cheap

What do people call salmon fish in Hindi? Well, in Hindi, salmon is known as Rawas (रावास). Salmon fish is classified by the ocean where it is found. You can get various health benefits by eating salmon fish, but when you eat salmon in excess, and then you can also have some side effects. Other different names of salmon fish are:

  • In Odia: Sahal Puri or Sahalo
  • In Bengal: Gurjali fish
  • Salmon fish in Malayalam: Kora or Kaala Meen (സാൽമൺഫിഷ്)
  • Nepali: Salmon Maccha
  • Punjabi: Raavaas

Nutritional Facts of Salmon Fish

100g serving of salmon fish contains the following nutritional facts:

  • 6g fat
  • 20mcg selenium
  • 3mcg vitamin D
  • 2g protein
  • 232 kcals

Health Benefits of Salmon Fish

The following are some health benefits of salmon fish:

  • Salmon fish contains omega-3 fatty acids that are important for the human body because our body can’t produce them.
  • Salmon reduces inflammation that can manage several chronic diseases.
  • Salmon is rich in protein that provides you with good bone health.
  • Salmon is high in vitamin B content.

Ash Gourd in Hindi and Its Health Benefits

Ash gourd is also called Benincasa hispida, wax gourd, winter melon, white pumpkin, white gourd, and Chinese watermelon. Chinese and Indian cuisines use ash gourd in preparing salad, stews, and curries. Ash gourd is a highly nutritious food and has various medicinal and nutritional values. Ash gourd has different names in different languages. Ash gourd in Hindi is known as Petha (पेठा). Other names of ash gourd:

  • Ash gourd in Bengali: Kumra, Chalkumra
  • Ash gourd in Malayalam: Kumbalanga
  • Ash gourd in Tamil: சாம்பல் பூசணிக்காய், Neer Pusanikai
  • Ash gourd in Manipur: Torobot
  • Ash gourd in Telugu: Gray Pumpkin, బూడిద పొట్లకాయ

Ash Gourd Nutritional Value

In 100 grams of raw ash gourd, you will get:

  • Vitamin C: 14% DV
  • Fibre: 3 grams
  • Fat: less than 1 gram
  • Zinc: 6% DV
  • Protein: less than 1 gram
  • Riboflavin: 8% DV
  • Carbs: 3 grams
  • Calories: 13

Ash Gourd Juice Benefits

  • Ash gourd is good for hair and healthy skin.
  • If you want to reduce weight, then you can drink ash gourd juice as it can maintain a healthy weight.
  • Urine infection can be treated with ash gourd juice.
  • With ash gourd juice, gas and constipation problems can be treated.

Giloy in Tamil and Its Health Benefits

Giloy is a powerful herb that is used to boost the immunity system. Giloy has heart-shaped leaves. If you are a diabetic patient, then giloy could be a blessing for you because it has a bitter taste and manages blood glucose levels. Giloy in Tamil is called சீந்தில்.

What are Giloy Juice Benefits?

The following are health benefits of giloy juice:

  • Giloy enhances the immunity system and helps in maintaining blood sugar levels.
  • Giloy also helps in minimizing mental stress and anxiety. And, it helps in boosting memory.
  • Giloy has anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritis properties that help in overcoming arthritis symptoms.
  • If you have asthmatic symptoms like wheezing, coughing, chest tightness, and shortness of breath, etc. then chewing giloy root can be beneficial.
  • Giloy juice benefits you in minimizing respiratory issues like tonsils, cold, and cough.

Guduchi, ash gourd, and salmon have various health benefits. The blog shares information on giloy juice benefits, salmon fish in Tamil, salmon fish in Malayalam, ash gourd in Hindi, and giloy in Tamil, along with their health benefits.

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